Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Frigz is actually the manufacturer of Surgical instruments and medical devices. We do have sales offices around the world and only sell our own products through those offices.

Our products are certified accross various regulatory bodies in multiple markets. Among other certifications, we comply to ISO 13485, CE, cGMP, FDA & are in the process of getting our MDR Certifications. We also comply to various technical standards (DIN, IEC, ASTM) specific to certain products. You can request more information and its certifications by sending us an email.

The main manufacturing plant for Dr. Frigz instruments is in Pakistan. You can have a complete tour of our manufacturing facility through our youtube channel.

Dr. Frigz provides quality guarantee against all sorts of manufacturing defects. For complete information on our quality, return and refund policies, please see the terms and conditions page.

Most products can be shipped to almost all countries worldwide. There might be exceptions depending upon certain product categories or shipping company restrictions. If you have a specific question, then please let us know via email.

Single use (or disposable) instruments are increasingly being used in ER surgeries and hospitals all around the world. These products are meant for one time use and are discarded right afterwards. They are still made of medical grade raw materials but do not require certain processes that increase the life of the instrument for repeated use.

The reusable instruments are made of the best medical grade raw material and have additional processes performed on them to ensure their repeated use and for withstanding multiple sterilization cycles.

Instructions for use are available and can be provided alongside your ordered items.