From documentation, to design, to manufacturing. Dr. Frigz does it all!

by Muhammad Rehan

The work at Dr. Frigz starts from the design department. The dimensions, profile, patterns, raw materials, machinery selection and all of that technical magic that goes into making these medical marvels is done in-house at the company. 

Once all the planning is complete, we send the data to our production teams who then make the product a reality. For each product we manufacture, there are dozens of technical documentation, testings, drawings, inspections and QMS regulatory compliances that we fulfill at various stages of design, production and shipment.

When you buy Dr. Frigz products, you are not simply buying the physical product but are also getting the peace of mind knowing that the company has technical system in place and its brand stands tall with recognition and reputation all across the world. In short, we are not just physically but also technically yours.