SA 8000 Certification

by Mehmood Hussain

We pleased to announce that Dr. FRIGZ International has become the first medical device manufacturing company in Pakistan to become SA8000 certified. This Social Accountability standard is an internationally recognized system that ensures that the company provides all the necessary working conditions, policies, and mindset to ensure good practices towards its employees, environment, and the society as a whole.

Being a SA 8000 certified company is a testimony that we value human rights, we respect the national and international laws, and are in the forefront of taking good care of our employees. Dr. FRIGZ was already poised as a market leader and we were already complying to many of the SA8000 requirements but with this certification in place, our customers can become even more confident in the choice of their manufacturing partner.

One thing that we believe in at Dr. FRIGZ is perpetual improvement. That is our ethos and that is our commitment to our customers. On behalf of Dr. FRIGZ, I thank all of our customers for believing in Dr. FRIGZ and thank all of our employees for helping us achieve this success.