by Mehmood Hussain

One part of the instrument that is commonly overlooked by our competitors is the screws used in their instruments. Screws play a critical role in the functionality and life of the instrument, yet most of the companies do not consider them important. This is not the case at Dr. Frigz.

At Dr. Frigz the screw is as important a part of the instrument as the rest of the instrument itself. Our screws have their own design dossiers, are manufactured completely in-house, and require sourcing special forms of raw material so that their hardness can be achieved similar to the rest of the instrument, where necessary.

To cater to our screw needs, Dr. Frigz uses automatic, semi automatic and specialized lathes and cnc machines. This ensures that the whole of the instrument is made by Dr. Frigz under its strict supervision. This is the only way we can guarantee the superior quality of our instruments.

To see our screw making in action, click on the link to watch the video.